Potty Training Motivation

Potty training can be a long road full of little successes and setbacks. Many toddlers are excited to begin potty training and then get overwhelmed, discouraged, or bored and need a little motivation to keep them going!

Successfully potty training will usually involve some motivation or reward. The type of reward really depends upon your child. Think about things your little one loves and how you can use those loves to help with potty training!

Here are some ideas:

  • Does your child love to sing and dance? Why not come up with your own “potty success” song along with a silly dance that you only do after your child uses (or tries to use) the potty?
  • Does your child love being tickled? Why not give them a little tickle after each potty attempt?
  • Does your child love reading books? Why not read to your toddler while s/he waits on the potty?
  • Does your child love music? Why not have a special bell you ring every time your toddler gets the job done in the bathroom?
  • Does your child love talking on the phone? Why not let them call a friend or relative after they’ve had a successful potty training day do tell them all about it?
  • Does your child like shaking hands or high-fives? Why not come up with a special hand shake only done after potty time?
  • Does your toddler love hats, pirates, or princesses? You could make a pirate hat or princess crown out of paper or poster board and let him/her add a sticker to it every time he/she goes in the potty!
  • Does your child have a favorite character? Why not download a printable picture of that character and use it as the sticker chart?
  • Does your child love the outdoors? Why not reward a series of successes with a fun nature walk toddler activity?
  • If your toddler refuses to poop on the potty you may need an extra special motivator like a little toy or a special type of treat.
  • Of course there are always the traditional sticker charts and M&Ms; or skittles that have motivated thousands of little potty-trainees over the years.

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